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The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network

We are an apostolate dedicated to proclaiming the fullness of Truth with clarity and charity.

We embrace the blessing to receive and faithfully echo the revelation of Jesus Christ that has been authentically handed on over more than 2,000 years by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and expressed in the Catechism for the benefit of all.


Weekdays 5PM – 6PM EST


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“I had been like a lot of people of my generation, you fall away after a divorce or a setback in life and then after years you realize your still a Catholic…through listening to it (The Station of the Cross) and through all the different speakers and programs that are on it, gave me the courage to go back to confession where you have to start to pick up these broken pieces. …through listening I had the strength and courage to go back to confession after 30 years”

“I had never really told anybody that I had three abortions in the past and listening to Catholic radio made me seek help and become healed.”

“…more and more i decided yeah this is the one true church, so that leaded me in my conversion in deciding that the Catholic Church was truly home. I must say that Catholic radio helped me to ‘cross the Tiber’ as they say. I’m thankful to Catholic radio for my conversion and helping me to stay true to the teachings of the Magesterium”

“It helps to know that others out there are having the same questions and struggles especially in terms of defending our faith…”

“For me it all started when I suffered a loss about ten years ago, I experienced a great loss of my mother who died very suddenly. I had no chance to say goodbye and I couldn’t get through the devastation, it lasted for weeks. There was no comfort from friends or family their words meant nothing…then one day I followed a car out of the parking lot with a message on their bumper, it was a bumper sticker that read tune in to The Station of the Cross. I did that and I heard a familiar voice, it was Fr. Rick Poblocki the young inspiring pastor who came to the hospital and gave my mother her last rites…This was the beginning of a long journey I needed the religious education to guide me on my journey back to the Church”

“We left the Eucharist and we left the Sacraments…The Station of the Cross has been so instrumental in helping my husband and I and our family to really understand the Catholic faith…We’re just so happy to be back in the Catholic Church”

“a few years ago I was in the process of becoming a Catholic, I was a Catholic wanna-be, and I can’t always get a hold of people that can give me the right education, I needed something to fill me during the day…”

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