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The Station of the Cross is blessed to have grown our Network across the Northeastern United States and around the world through the iCatholicRadio Mobile App.


Learn more about all of our stations below.

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Catholic talk radio and quality Catholic music – all in one app! ICatholicMusic is now easily accessible within the updated iCatholicRadio app.


Tune in and witness the treasures of the Catholic faith. Learn about Scripture, pray along with devotionals and the Mass, delve into Church history and get answers from the top Catholic Apologists on how to give a reason for the Catholic faith. Listen to reverent and faithful Catholic music, from medieval Gregorian chant to today’s newest songs by top Catholic artists -on the go, wherever you go!


Listen live to our great shows and music or access podcasts on demand.

iCatholic Music

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Listen to popular Catholic artists, sacred music, Gregorian chant and much more on iCatholicMusic!

Lancaster, NY

90.7 FM WLGU – iCatholicMusic

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