Featured Podcast: To Judge or Not to Judge?

Podcast Description:

We are living in a time when the straight rule of the Gospel has been abandoned, rejected or misused…such that now even what is straight and good appears crooked by the world’s standards. Nevertheless, we all have as a part of our duties of our state in life to make judgments at times… to preserve our souls and the souls of others from error and sin.

St. Augustine puts it best: “Concerning those things which are known to God, unknown to us, we judge our neighbors at our peril. Of these the Lord hath said, Judge not, that you may not be judged. But concerning things which are open and public evils, we may and must judge and rebuke, but still with charity and love, hating not the man, but the sin, detesting not the vicious man but the vice, the disease more than the sick man. For unless the open adulterer, thief, habitual drunkard, traitor, or proud man were judged and punished, in them would be fulfilled what the blessed martyr Cyprian hath said, ‘He who soothes a sinner with flattering words, provides fuel for his sin.


This podcast is a snippet from the program, Sermons for Everyday Living, airing weekday mornings at 6 AM, and Saturday afternoons at 4 PM. September 24, 2018.