THIS WEEK ON THE CATHOLIC CURRENT: Talking about Gender Confusion, Planned Parenthood, Parish Closings and more!

I’m Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., and I am delighted to be the host and producer of The Catholic Current, where we apply timeless truths to timely topics.  April has begun and Holy Week is in sight! We work hard to ensure that our listeners have the insights and information they need to fight the good fight throughout the year.  On Monday, we’ll welcome back Dr. Catherine Pakaluk to talk about gender identity and gender confusion.  Tuesday’s program is a must:  We’ll meet three former employees of Planned Parenthood, and get an insider’s view of that grisly business. On Wednesday, we’ll meet author Virginia Pillars, talking about a parent’s response to her child’s mental illness.  On Thursday, we’ll meet renowned apologist Tim Staples of Catholic answers, and talk with him about leaving the Church.   On Friday, we’ll meet Tim Glemkowski, president of L’Alto Catholic Institute.  We’ll talk with him about why some parishes die and others thrive.   In this time of confusion and conflict, The Catholic Current brings clarity and charity to help us find light in the darkness.  Join us!

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

MONDAY:  Gender Identity:  True and False, with Dr. Catherine Pakaluk

TUESDAY: Planned Parenthood’s Chilling Secrets, with 3 former Planned Parenthood employees

WEDNESDAY: Lessons of Hope through a Child’s Mental Illness, with author Virginia Pillars

THURSDAY:  Let’s Talk About Leaving the Church, with Tim Staples of Catholic Answers

FRIDAY: Is Your Parish Dying, Declining, Swelling or Growing?, with Tim Glemkowski, president of L’Alto Catholic Institute