THIS WEEK ON THE CATHOLIC CURRENT: Life, Death, War, and more!

I’m Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., and I am delighted to be the host and producer of The Catholic Current, where we apply timeless truths to timely topics.  We’re marching through February—stepping towards Spring!    We work hard to ensure that our listeners have the insights and information they need to fight the good fight throughout the year.  On Monday, we’ll welcome back author & educator Joseph Grabowski to helps take a new look at literary legend G.K. Chesterton.  Tuesday’s returning guest will be Wesley J. Smith of the Discovery Institute, to give us a frontline report on the growing Culture of Death.  Wednesday, we’ll meet Dr. Patrick Kenny, to learn of a heroic Jesuit army chaplain who died in WWI.  Thursday’s returning guest is Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of The Ruth Institute, who tells us, “Don’t leave the Church—lead it!”  On Friday, we’ll welcome back renowned Catholic man-of-letters Joseph Pearce and ask him, “Can books save your soul?”  In this time of confusion and conflict, The Catholic Current brings clarity and charity to help us find light in the darkness.  Join us!

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

MONDAY:  Crank or Prophet—Who Is G.K. Chesterton?, with Joseph Grabowski

TUESDAY: Talking Honestly about Life and Death, with Wesley J. Smith 

WEDNESDAY: Faith in a Time of War, with Dr. Patrick Kenny

THURSDAY:  Whatever Happened to Catholic Courtship, with Ellen Gable Hrkach

FRIDAY:  Sexual Assault in Abortion Clinics, with Mark Crutcher