This Week on The Catholic Current: Battling for Lives and Souls!

Hello Friends,

I’m Jesuit priest Fr. Robert McTeigue, host and producer of The Catholic Current. The new school year has begun and we’re ready to teach here at The Catholic Current We’ll be joined by heroes you’ll want to know and tell your friends about!

On Monday, we’ll learn welcome from John Smeaton of the oldest pro-life group in the world to discuss:  “Fighting for Life in Britain.”  We continue on Tuesday with author Jeannette Flood to discuss her book, “Eight Ways of Loving God.”  On Wednesday, our guest will be Fr. Tony Stephens, an expert on “Priest, P.O.W., Saint? Father Emil Kapuan.Thursday’s returning guest is John Horvat, warning us about “Satanism in the Public Square.”  Please mark your calendar for Friday’s broadcast—we’ll ask journalist Max Eden, and Andrew Pollack (whose daughter was murdered) “Are American Schools Safe?”

Day after day, week after week, we and the guests at The Catholic Current apply timeless truths to timely topics.  What you find here you won’t find anywhere else—join us!

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

Monday: “Fighting for Life in Britain”, with John Smeaton

Tuesday: “Eight Ways of Loving God”, with Jeanette Flood

Wednesday: “Priest, P.O.W., Saint? Father Emil Kapuan”, with Fr. Tony Stephens,

Thursday: “Satanism in the Public Square” with Dr. Leonard Sax

Friday: “Are America’s Schools Safe?”, with Max Eden and Andrew Pollack