THIS WEEK ON THE CATHOLIC CURRENT: Can Souls Be Saved on Wall Street, Fools and Soldiers for Christ AND MORE!

I am Jesuit Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., your happy host of The Catholic Current, where we plug into the power of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.

This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, and give public adoration and witness to the Mystery of the Most Blessed Sacrament. All of us need that Heavenly Food and Strength for the journey, all of us need to humbly bow before our Eucharistic King and Constant Companion. With gratitude and love for Christ’s Gift of Self to us, let’s meet again this week at The Catholic Current.

On Monday we start the week with Stephen Auth, CFA and answer an interesting question: “Can Souls Be Saved on Wall Street?” Tuesday will bring us Sequoia Sierra, a young designer and stylist to explain how “Beauty Will Save Our Church and World.” Wednesday’s guest is modern missionary Fr. Lawrence Carney who will tell us about being “Fools and Soldiers for Christ: Traditional Ways of New Evangelization.” Dr. Alan Fimister joins us on Thursday for a discussion on: “No Abiding City: The Challenge of St. Augustine.” On Friday we conclude the week with Oratorian Fr. Paul Pearson, to learn about “Spiritual Direction from Dante: Avoiding the Inferno.”

As we fall on our knees in adoration, let our awe and thankfulness be deepened and purified, through a greater awareness of God’s goodness to us, in the Holy Eucharist and in all that the Church teaches. Tune in this week to The Catholic Current as we proclaim this to the world, with clarity and charity.

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

Monday: Can Souls Be Saved on Wall Street with Stephen Auth, CFA

Tuesday: Beauty Will Save Our Church and World with Sequoia Sierra

Wednesday: Fools and Soldiers for Christ: Traditional Ways of New Evangelization with Fr. Lawrence Carney

Thursday: No Abiding City: The Challenge of St. Augustine with Dr. Alan Fimister

Friday: Spiritual Direction From Dante: Avoiding the Inferno with Fr. Paul Pearson, C.O.