The Silencing of Conservative Voices, Surviving the Cultural Collapse, And More!

Dear Friends,

I am Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., host and producer of The Catholic Current. This week is full of powerful examples of holiness and happiness for us, as we celebrate the feasts of Saint Mary Magdalen, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint James the Greater, and Saint Ann. We are called to the holiness and happiness they came to enjoy, as we prepare now in time, for Eternity. Join me on our common quest for sanctity, this week on The Catholic Current!

On Monday, we begin the week by examining “Progressive Privilege – The Silencing of Conservative Voices” with International Women’s Forum’s president Carrie Lukas, and Brendan Young of The Station of the Cross. Tuesday’s guest is Dominican Fr. Lawrence Lew who will talk to us about “Digital Fruits of Contemplation: Preaching through Photography.” On Wednesday we welcome author Dmitry Orlov to learn about “Surviving the Cultural Collapse.” Thursday’s returning guest Dr. Joseph Shaw will help make “The Case for Liturgical Restoration.” Friday closes out the week with Brother Steven Bargo, O.Ss.S., as we learn about “Lest We Forget:  The Mysticism of Saint Bridget.”

Mother Angelica used to exhort her listeners: “We are all called to be great saints, don’t miss the opportunity.” Let’s not miss our opportunity for growing in holiness, happiness and knowledge, together, this week on The Catholic Current!