THIS WEEK ON THE CATHOLIC CURRENT: Spring Membership Drive—Gathering Resources & Allies in Defense of the Faith!

I’m Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., and I am delighted to be the host and producer of The Catholic Current, where we apply timeless truths to timely topics.  Easter Season has begun and we’re learning to live forgiven and victorious! We work hard to offer our listeners support as they walk with Our Lord during this joyful season.  This week we need all hands on deck to promote the work of The Station of the Cross, as we try to grow the network.  On The Catholic Current, we’ll be asking for your prayers, your financial support, your thoughtful attention, and your best efforts to get our good work better known.  Throughout the week, I’ll be joined by fundraising partners as we discuss matters of controversy and hope. This week, I will offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the company of my radio colleagues.  You can hear the Mass and homily life this week at 6:30 PM Eastern.  In this time of confusion and conflict, The Catholic Current brings clarity and charity to help us find light in the darkness.  Join us!

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

MONDAY:  Anti-Catholic Bigotry—What Can We Do?

TUESDAY: Abortion—What’s Next?

WEDNESDAY: Cultural & Moral Decay in the U.S.—What Can We Do?

THURSDAY:  Corruption & Renewal within the Church

FRIDAY: Good News for People with Same-sex Attraction