This Week on The Catholic Current: Bishops, Witches, Feminists, Padre Pio—and Our Lady’s Triumph!

Hello Friends,

I’m Jesuit priest Fr. Robert McTeigue, host and producer of The Catholic Current. Autumn has begun and we are getting ready for the big changes that are coming.   This week we’ll be joined by guests you need to hear from!

On Monday, we’ll meet Fr. Ladis Cizik to discuss, “Padre Pio—Still Working Miracless?”  Tuesday’s guest, Fr. Daniel Bowen will share with us the good news of  “Our Lady of Mercy.” On Wednesday, we’ll welcome author Matt Archbold, to hear his warning, “The Witches Are Back.Thursday’s guest is scholar Dr. Joanna Williams, here to tell us about “Women vs. Feminism—What’s New in the Gender Wars?”  On Friday, we’ll welcome dynamic writer Leila Lawler, to ask the question “Is it Time to Abolish the USCCB?.”

Day after day, week after week, we and the guests at The Catholic Current apply timeless truths to timely topics.  We’re starting conversations here that need to be spread worldwide—join us!

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

Monday: “Padre Pio – Still Working Miracles?”, with Father Ladis Cizik

Tuesday: “Our Lady of Mercy” with Fr. Daniel Bowen

Wednesday: “The Witches Are Back”, with Matt Archbold

Thursday: “Women vs. Feminism:  What’s New in the Gender Wars?”, with Dr. Joanna Williams

Friday: “Is it Time to Abolish the USCCB?”, with Leila Lawler