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YouTuber and Social Commentor Sarah Corriher returns for Timely Topics to discuss a cashless society and protecting children. Governor Cooper’s Proclamation for Children: ‘Gender Expansive Parent’s Day’ Sarah’s Crusader Gal […]

We welcome American political commentator and YouTuber. Bill Whillte to discuss The Integrity of America’s Elections. The Stolen Election, Part One: AMERICAN PRAVDA The Stolen Election, Pt. 2: Hiding Biden […]

Dr. Darren Beattie and John Zmirak return to the show to discuss Election Fraud, Sidney Powell, Media, and other Timely Topics. Statistical Analyst Reveals Scenario of Massive Fraud in PA […]

We bring you a breaking Special Report with Michelle Malkin and John Fredricks with an update on the election fraud, ballot harvesting, phony healings, and recounts. No Time for Phony […]

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute explains the hard truth that no matter who wins this presidential election, we will continue to be forced to march in lockstep with the […]

Mother Miriam Live – November 5, 2020 Mother tackles the issues of the Catholic perspective on: Awaiting the results of the election Catholic morals Reading another Archbishop Vigano letter Divine […]

Megan Fox returns for #TimelyTopics to discuss Election Integrity, McCarrick, Riots, and more… 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI Federal Prosecutors to Pursue “Substantial Allegations” […]

Dr. Beattie talks with us about truth in media and the current US Election, then Dr. Hendershott takes a look at the spiritual angle behind the riots, envy, and division […]

Mother Miriam Live – November 9, 2020 Mother tackles the issues of the Catholic perspective on: What happens now that voting has finished Pleading with our Bishops to return to […]

Join the Nationwide Movement to Stand Out for Life in Peaceful, Prayerful, Protest for the End of Abortion Every Saturday Morning: Stand Out for Life can be heard live […]