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YouTuber and Social Commentor Sarah Corriher returns for Timely Topics to discuss a cashless society and protecting children. Governor Cooper’s Proclamation for Children: ‘Gender Expansive Parent’s Day’ Sarah’s Crusader Gal […]

Justin Trottier returns to the show to discuss how COVID is affecting men and other resources for men in need. Pandemic Disproportionately Affecting the Health of Men, New Ad Campaign […]

Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, TX returns to the show to discuss the recent #USCCB meeting including the McCarrick Report and the effects of COVID19. Bishop Olson on EWTN […]

Dr. Marc Siegel discusses the connections between Covid and Politics, then Dr. Jennifer Morse takes a look at legalized Abortion over the last 100 years. The Politics of Fear and the […]

We welcome Janice Dean from Fox And Friends & Charles Donovan of The Lozier Institute to talk– Nursing home deaths, COVID19, lockdowns, vaccines, & more. The Charlotte Lozier Institute Mostly […]

Auguste Meyrat joins the show to discuss the connection between Covid and the future of the Church. The Promise of a Post-Covid Church

Coronavirus Prayer

  Fr Dwight Longenecker explains why we need to get back to Holy Mass in-person. Why Bother Going to Holy Mass? Why Bother with Worship? Cardinal Says Public Mass Necessary […]

Mother Miriam Live – August 17, 2020 Mother tackles the issues of the Catholic perspective on: The Baltimore Catechism: Why did God make you Homeschooling Different versions of the Bible […]

Mother Miriam Live – August 10, 2020 Mother tackles the issues of the Catholic perspective on: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Article The Church’s response to Coronavirus