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Lord Jesus Christ, you revealed to your disciples the mystery of your humanity risen and glorified. Grant us the eyes of faith to see your presence in all those who are your Body, you who live and reign with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Prayer from Magnificat Magazine, U.S. Edition, Morning Prayer, Thursday within the Octave of Easter, 2021.

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash
Get your Lenten Fish Sandwich before they are gone for the season!
7 Fast Food Fish Sandwich Reviews (Lent 2021)
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Righteous Ride
For a period of about ten years, I fell away from the practice of my faith: I wasn’t receiving any of the Sacraments, I wasn’t going to Mass, and I wasn’t really praying (even though deep down I think I wanted to). Before my reversion, it was as if I had lost my spot in line with God. I felt like I just had to deal with life on my own.

But the one thing I never let go of was the Rosary. I may not have prayed it, but I always had one physically on hand. My mother had given me a Rosary when I was little, and we used to pray it every night. That habit instilled within me a connection even when I felt like everything else about my faith had faded.

I remember walking down the streets of New York City...coming out of a late night party, or a bar, or a photo shoot.... and as I walked down the streets, I would stick my hand inside my purse, and I would just hold onto the Rosary beads. I wouldn't use them to pray, but just holding them seemed to give me comfort. It was my only connection to home, to the feeling that, long ago, I had belonged to something with connection, meaning, relationship, and depth.

In the meantime I was filling my life with all the things the world told me I needed: money, fame, beauty, crazy parties... I thought I had everything, but the truth was that I was missing the fullness of life, a life that only Christ can give. That Rosary may have been a small token from my earthly mother, but it was a lifeline to my heavenly Mother, and it was holding me together. I may not have been praying, but the connection to Heaven was still there...

After coming back to my faith and experiencing a reversion, I prayed for the desire to pray the Rosary again. I couldn't handle the silence in my soul. Praying regularly began slowly. It may have started out with only a few Hail Mary's at a time, but those few Hail Mary's rekindled within me the faith of my youth. My birthright. It's a glorious part of my faith and connection to our Lady, who centers everything on her Son, Our Savior.

Now, it's your turn 😉 IF you've ever been away from God, what brought you back? Was it a sacramental, like the rosary, or maybe a person or event? I want to hear your story.

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Photo credit: Unsplash Therese Westby
"Ya no volveremos a vernos. Reza mucho por mi hasta que yo vaya al Cielo; después, cuando yo esté allí, pediré mucho por ti [...] Ama mucho a Jesús y al Inmaculado Corazón de María".
Santa Jacinta Marto a su prima Vble. Lucia Dos Santos

Qué alegría recordar cada año el testimonio de la vida de los pequeños Francisco y Jacinta que fueron testigos del Evangelio, pequeños discípulos porque siempre buscaban estar cerca de Jesús y aprender de Él, cerca del "Jesús escondido" como ellos gustaban llamarlo, mas después siendo pequeños apóstoles cerca del Jesús pobre, cuando donaban su merienda a los pobres del camino, cerca del Jesús sufriente cuando escuchaban y acogían los pedidos de oración de personas que sufrían mucho la aflicción de la enfermedad o la partida de un ser querido a la guerra. Identificados con Jesús en el signo de la Cruz, se hicieron cada vez más como Él al vivir los sufrimientos de la enfermedad en silencio, con mucho amor y ofrecimiento, firmes en la alegre esperanza de las promesas de Jesús, con la mirada puesta en el cielo y unidos en amor y comunión, junto con su prima, la Venerable Lucia Dos Santos, quien permaneció en pie junto a la cruz como María, acompañándo a estos dos pequeños, compartiendo en confidencia las luchas, lágrimas y esperanzas hasta el cielo. Qué por Jesús, nuestro Padre celestial nos conceda la gracia de aprender a imitar las virtudes evangélicas de estos pequeños en nuestras vidas en el gesto concreto del amor hecho obras, del amor que ofrece la vida hasta la cruz con alegría y esperanza.

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February 11: Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes; World Day of Prayer for the Sick

Lord, you care for all the earth. Yet your care for us, whom you have made in your image, is greater far than your care for land or sea, beast or bird. If it be your will, heal our ills of body, mind, and spirit, so that with the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, we may sing your praise for ever, through Christ our Lord. Amen

*Prayer taken from Morning Prayer, Magnificat Magazine, U.S. edition, Thursday, February 11, 2021

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