40 Homilies for Lent

40 Homilies for Lent 2017-03-23T17:34:23+00:00

Local priests and deacons from right here in the Boston area are here to guide you through this Lenten season!  Each two-minute homily will air at 6:55 AM, 11:55 AM, and 5:55 PM each day on 1060 AM, The Station of the Cross. Below is a full list of homilists, as well as a link to a podcast for each homily in case you missed it on the air.

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Schedule of Homilists

  Date Homilist
Listen Now Ash Wednesday, 3/1/17 Fr. Joseph Mazzone
Listen Now Thursday, 3/2/17 Rev. Stephen LeBlanc
Listen Now Friday, 3/3/17 Fr. Carlos Suarez
Listen Now Saturday, 3/4/17 Fr. Kwang Lee
Listen Now Sunday, 3/5/17 Deacon Mike Curren
Listen Now Monday, 3/6/17 Fr. Anthony Cusack
Listen Now Tuesday, 3/7/17 Fr. Dan Moloney
Listen Now Wednesday, 3/8/17 Fr. Carlos Suarez
Listen Now Thursday, 3/9/17 Deacon Leo Martin
Listen Now Friday, 3/10/17 Deacon Stephen Buttrick
Listen Now Saturday, 3/11/17 Deacon Daniel Nelson
Listen Now Sunday, 3/12/17 Deacon John Barry
Listen Now Monday, 3/13/17 Deacon Richard Field
Listen Now Tuesday, 3/14/17 Deacon Mark Rumley
Listen Now Wednesday, 3/15/17 Fr. Adrian Milik
Listen Now Thursday, 3/16/17 Deacon Michael Mott
Listen Now Friday, 3/17/17 Fr. Darin Colarusso
Listen Now Saturday, 3/18/17 Deacon Dan Burns
Listen Now Sunday, 3/19/17 Deacon Geoffrey Higgins
Listen Now Monday, 3/20/17 Deacon Paul Kline
Listen Now Tuesday, 3/21/17 Deacon Reynold Spadoni
Listen Now Wednesday, 3/22/17 Deacon Kevin Winn
Listen Now Thursday, 3/23/17 Deacon Daniel Nelson
Listen Now Friday, 3/24/17 Deacon Christopher Connelly
Listen Now Saturday, 3/25/17 Fr. Tom MacDonald
Listen Now Sunday, 3/26/17 Fr. Patrick Fiorillo
Listen Now Monday, 3/27/17 Deacon Timothy Donohue
Listen Now Tuesday, 3/28/17 Deacon William Sexton
Listen Now Wednesday, 3/29/17 Fr. Sinisa Ubiparipovic
Listen Now Thursday, 3/30/17 Fr. Gregory Vozzo
Listen Now Friday, 3/31/17 Deacon Jason Giombetti
Listen Now Saturday, 4/1/17 Deacon Michael Mott
Listen Now Sunday, 4/2/17 Fr. Daniel Hennessey
Listen Now Monday, 4/3/17 Deacon Christopher Connelly
Listen Now Tuesday, 4/4/17 Deacon William Proulx
Listen Now Wednesday, 4/5/17 Fr. Peter Stamm
Listen Now Thursday, 4/6/17 Deacon Michael Markham
Listen Now Friday, 4/7/17 Deacon Timothy Maher
Listen Now Saturday, 4/8/17 Deacon Charles Hall
Listen Now Palm Sunday, 4/9/17 Fr. Chip Hines
Listen Now Monday of Holy Week, 4/10/17 Fr. Paul Ritt
Listen Now Tuesday of Holy Week, 4/11/17 Deacon Joe Harrington
Listen Now Wednesday of Holy Week, 4/12/17 Fr. Walter Carriero
Listen Now Holy Thursday, 4/13/17 Fr. Chris O’Connor
Listen Now Good Friday, 4/14/17 Fr. Ed Riley