This Week on The Catholic Current: Saving our parishes, finding the Holy Grail, and More!

Hello Friends,

I’m Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., host and producer of The Catholic Current.

This week we’ll be joined by guests you need to hear from!

On Monday, we will welcome back Dr. Daniel Guernsey to discuss, “Speaking Truthfully About Gender Ideology.”   On Tuesday, we’ll meet renowned author and scholar Charles Coulombe to learn of “The Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail.”   On Wednesday, returning guest Tim Glemkowski will fill us on a new parish mission program called “Ascent.”  Thursday’s guest, John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream, will warn us that, “First Comes Immigration, then Comes Abortion.”  On Friday, we will welcome special guest. Michelle Malkin to answer the question, “Who’s Funding Illegal Immigration?

Our rallying cry here at The Catholic Current is “Bringing Christ to the World, and the World to Christ!” It is the mission given by Christ to the Apostles on the day of his Ascension, passed on through generations, and now left in the hands of you and me, the faithful. What shall we do with it?

Learn more about this week’s shows here:

Monday: “Speaking Truthfully About Gender Ideology,” with Dr. Daniel Guernsey

Tuesday: “The Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail,” with Charles Coulombe

Wednesday: “Who Doesn’t Need a Spiritual Shot in the Arm?,” with Tim Glemkowski

Thursday: “First Comes Immigration, then Comes Abortion,” with John Zmirak

Friday: “Open Borders Inc. – Who’s Funding Illegal Immigration,” with Michelle Malkin