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The purpose of this book is to help build up men with practical wisdom and equip husbands and fathers with virtue building practices that are specific to fulfilling the responsibilities of their primary vocation.

“In early 2015, I was praying and searching for some resource or tool that would help me to keep my eye on the ball, to keep advancing in my vocation as a husband and father in Christ. I looked around some, but I could not quite find anything to truly provide me with the practical wisdom I was seeking.

I understood the power of mentoring and so I thought, ‘Where can I find the best husbands and fathers of all-time and how can I learn from them?’

Immediately the lives of the Saints came to mind – the husbands and fathers that have been officially affirmed by the Church as having lived heroic lives of virtue worthy of our imitation. Moreover, what we are offered in the lives of these men is far beyond a mere historical study: these are our brothers in Christ who are not only still living, but are now fully alive in the Church Triumphant!

My investigation began in earnest. Which Saints, Blesseds, and Venerables were husbands and fathers? I had some familiarity with several of these holy men, but of many I had little or no knowledge. As I studied their lives, all of them offered me various insights and little treasures, including specific practical examples that I could quickly apply to my life.

At the end of one year, I had compiled a collection of 26 good examples and when I stepped back to analyze all that I had learned, a simple pattern emerged. Each example was easily categorized into one of seven decisions that seemed common to these men. It is in the format of these seven decisions that I offer you the best of what I have learned from these saintly husbands and fathers.” – Jim Havens, author of Top Seven Decisions of Saintly Husbands and Fathers