Radio Reflections: Powerful Preaching on Catholic Radio

Radio Reflections: Powerful Preaching on Catholic Radio

By Gina Weiss

“The Love of Jesus is so strong. It doesn’t take away all of your sorrows and trials, but it gives you the endurance and courage to have joy in the midst of them.”

– Mother Angelica

Several shows on the Station of the Cross include preaching from knowledgeable and faithful holy men and women of the Church. We are blessed to air Mornings with Mother at 10 am Eastern on Wednesdays with the recently deceased and beloved Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN. You can also hear Mother Angelica on Mornings with Mother each weekday morning at 2 am and on Mother Angelica Live Classics on Saturdays at 1 am.

Every other weekday at 10 am we broadcast Fathers Know Best – Mondays and Fridays with Fr. Larry Richards and Tuesdays and Thursdays with Fr. John Riccardo.

Other presentations by Fr. John Riccardo in his program Christ is the Answer air at 10 am on Sundays and at 11 am on Saturdays. Fr. John Riccardo is the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Plymouth, Michigan.

If you enjoy listening to Fr. Larry Richards, you can also catch his presentations at 10 pm on Saturdays. Fr. Larry is the pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church Bread of Life Community in Erie, Pennsylvania.

There may be a particular program that strikes you, and there are ways that you can obtain your own copy. Episodes of Mother Angelica’s programs are available from EWTN. Fr. John Riccardo’s programs are podcasted and can be listened to for free on Ave Maria Radio’s Web site. Fr. Larry Richards’ programs are available for purchase through his organization: The Reason for Our Hope Foundation.

So whether you’re looking to learn more about confession or to be encouraged in your walk with the Lord, audio resources are available for you. Let’s remember to thank God for our amazing spiritual examples in the Church and to keep them in our prayers.

For free talks by Fr. John Riccardo that you can listen to right now, please click here.


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