Radio Reflections: Mother Angelica and the Ripple Effect

Radio Reflections: Mother Angelica and the Ripple Effect

By Gina Weiss

Yesterday Mother Angelica would have celebrated her 93rd birthday. We pray that she celebrated her first of countless birthdays in Heaven with Our Lord, His Mother, and all the saints.

Easter Week we mourned her passing but also rejoiced in the memories and reflected on the impact she’s made in our Church and throughout the entire world.

In conjunction with EWTN, the Station of the Cross provided remarkable interviews and touching stories in celebration of Mother Angelica’s life.

On the Easter Thursday edition of Catholic Connection Teresa Tomeo interviewed Raymond Arroyo from EWTN’s The World Over. Both teared up as they reflected on Mother’s influence in the Church and in both of their lives.

Mother Angelica also touched my life in many profound ways. My first job out of college was at an EWTN Radio affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri. Three years later I started working for the Station of the Cross here in Buffalo, New York, which is also an EWTN affiliate. If it hadn’t been for this move I wouldn’t have met my husband. Without Mother Angelica launching EWTN my life would have gone in a completely different direction.

While working as an assistant manager in Missouri I attended the 2006 Global Catholic Radio Conference in Alabama and was blessed to meet Mother Angelica. Since this meeting took place a few years after her stroke she couldn’t speak much but she greeted the group with a warm smile from behind the nuns’ grille. More than anything, I remember how she lit up while touching the hand of a young girl barely tall enough to peek over the ledge. Mother Angelica said in a soft and playful voice, “How are you?” She repeated this once or twice in the sweet exchange.

Mother Angelica’s impact on our Church did not end with her death. Through obedience to the Will of God, the ripple effect of her work will continue for many generations to come.

“Heaven is your real home. This is our testing ground, that’s all. We were created by God to be with Him.” – Mother Angelica

This episode of Catholic Connection aired at 9 am Eastern on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

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