Radio Reflections: Listening to Non-Catholic Preachers

Radio Reflections: Listening to Non-Catholic Preachers

By Gina Weiss

There are many Christian preachers, both Catholic and non-Catholic, who are dynamic and inspiring. But is the difference significant enough to change who you listen to? Well-meaning Catholics pose this question on Catholic radio.

Listener Zach e-mailed Fr. Peter Calabrese on Calling All Catholics, writing:

I sometimes watch non-Catholic preachers on TV and find some of them very inspiring. I do not watch “health and wealth” or “name it and claim it” preachers. They are not anti-Catholic but do sometimes teach things that are not in agreement with Church teaching. Is it ok for me to do this? I mostly watch EWTN and listen to Catholic radio.

Fr. Peter said that while it is possible to draw spiritual benefit from non-Catholic Christian preachers, it can also be a danger to our faith. Even if the preacher is not speaking against the Catholic Church it does not mean the preaching will be in line with Catholic teachings. And if it’s not an area of Catholic teaching that we are very familiar with, we could start taking on perspectives that are not Catholic, without even knowing it.

If we’re drawn to non-Catholic Christian preachers we must honestly ask ourselves why we are. Is it because of a charismatic or entertaining personality? Is it practical advice on living out Christianity? And then we must ask ourselves if there have been instances when we’ve heard preaching contrary to our Catholic beliefs and if perhaps it would be better to focus our attention on Catholic preachers for our spiritual nourishment and encouragement.

This episode of Calling All Catholics aired at 5 pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

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