Radio Reflections: Countering Insult with Inquiry

Radio Reflections: Countering Insult with Inquiry

By Gina Weiss

How do you handle yourself when people criticize the Catholic Faith? Do you get angry and throw back verbal jabs?

On The Doctor Is In with Dr. Ray Guarendi, he gives an alternative way of handling these situations.

An anonymous female caller from California said her adult brother is away from the Church. During a lull in a friendly family conversation, he said to their mother, “Tell me what it feels like to live in sin.”

The caller gave the background context that their parents were married outside of the Church and, because it was a religious ceremony, her mother thought it was okay. When she found out it wasn’t, the two were married in the Catholic Church.

What took the caller by surprise the most was that the conversation had nothing to do with pre-marital sex or religion. Dr. Ray said it is common that people who fall away from the Church are aggravated by those who still live the faith. He said that her brother might feel that he is being judged for leaving the Church.

The primary purpose of her call was to get Dr. Ray’s take on whether or not she should have engaged her brother in conversation about Catholicism. Dr. Ray said that a good tactic would be to question him with, “Why would you ask that?” He encouraged her to remain calm.

Do you know people like the caller’s brother? Instead of getting upset with them, try to help them to think through their remarks. It doesn’t mean they’ll change their heart and mind right away but it might help to plant the seeds of conversion through your charity and patience.

This episode of The Doctor Is In aired at 1 pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

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