Radio Reflections: Communication is Key

Radio Reflections: Communication is Key

By Gina Weiss

The title of this post might sound like advice for a romantic relationship, as many emphasize the need for couples to communicate. But communication is an important aspect to all of our relationships — those with our family members, co-workers and fellow parishioners.

Holding meetings is one way to foster strong communication between people. At first, we might not think of our faith when we think of meetings, but every aspect of our life is affected by our faith.

On a recent episode of Take Two with Jerry and Debbie, the co-hosts discussed meetings, posing these questions to the listeners:

Are meetings a good use of time?

Are they good for communication?

If a verbal fight breaks out in a meeting, how are we supposed to respond as Catholic Christians?

While all things can be taken to the extreme, meetings can be beneficial in many different social settings. One of the most personal types of meetings discussed was the family meeting. They mentioned how family meetings can be used for the members to come together and find a better direction for the family, whether in general or in regard to a particular situation.

The word “meeting” could seem awkward for use in personal situations. Perhaps “gathering” or “coming together” would fit better if the word “meeting” is more commonly associated with formal settings.

When there is tension in the family, a gathering may be helpful for everyone to take a moment and really see where the other members are coming from, redirecting the family to move ahead together, each person working with the others.

“Let the words of my mouth meet with Your favor, keep the thoughts of my heart before You, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”
(Psalm 19:15)

This episode of Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie aired at 12 pm Eastern on Thursday, March 10, 2016.

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