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Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Sex Ed for 7th Graders: “Sex is Just like Sugar!” – (Part 2)


SHOW #36 5/21/18

Fr. Gerald Murray

Are Catholics Tree Huggers?

SHOW #37 5/22/18

Fr. Mike Mayer

The Role of Toil in Our Salvation
SHOW #38 5/23/18

Fr. Matthew Gossett

Pentecost: a Call to Action
SHOW #39 5/24/18

Fr. Paul McDonald

Is the Church against Scientific Progress?

SHOW #40 5/25/18

Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Sex Ed for 7th Graders: “Sex is Just like Sugar!”


SHOW #31 5/14/18

Fr. Jacek Mazur

Catholics and Muslims; are we related?

SHOW #32 5/15/18

Fr. Kevin Barrett

Toddlers with tablets; Does media undermine the family?
SHOW #33 5/16/18

Fr. Mike Mayer

Mental Illness and the Human Soul
SHOW #34 5/17/18

Fr. Paul McDonald

The priesthood; an unnatural vocation?

SHOW #35 5/18/18

Fr. Jay Mello

When are we called to tolerance?


SHOW #26 5/7/18

Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

How can we attain social justice?

SHOW #27 5/8/18

Fr. Mike Mayer

Does a “Just War” really exist?
SHOW #28 5/9/18

Fr. Matthew Gossett

How can we save family and friends who are fallen away?
SHOW #29 5/10/18

Fr. Paul McDonald

Does Islam worship the same God as Christianity?

SHOW #30 5/11/18

Fr. Jay Mello

How can we speak about God?


SHOW #21 4/23/18

Fr. Jacek Mazur

What is the work of Christ in the liturgy?

SHOW #22 4/24/18

Dcn. Ralph Poyo

How do the beatitudes effect our desire for happiness?
SHOW #23 4/25/18

Fr. Mike Mayer

What relationship do the ‘king’ and the ‘temple’ have to prayer?
SHOW #24 4/26/18

Fr. Paul McDonald

Are you willing to die for your faith?

SHOW #25 4/27/18

Fr. Peter Grover

Is the light of reason alone sufficient to know the mystery of God?


SHOW #16 4/16/18

Fr. Gerald Murray

In what way is the Father the source and the goal of the liturgy?

SHOW #17 4/17/18

Dcn. Ralph Poyo

Why are the beatitudes important for us?
SHOW #18 4/18/18

Fr. Kevin Barrett

How did Moses pray?
SHOW #19 4/19/18

Fr. Paul McDonald

Veritatis Splendor – 25th Anniversary (Part Two) 

SHOW #20 4/20/18

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