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Air Date Episode Description
7/24/20 361 *Marriage Part 4 – Virtues in the Family *Seven Holy Patterns for Making Families Holy
7/23/20 360 *Marriage Part 3 – For Wives & Mothers *Abortion Can Lead to Sins Against the Holy Spirit *St. Monica, Conversion By A Mother’s Tears
7/22/20 359 *Marriage Part 2 – For Husbands & Fathers *Husbands Love Your Wives *Fatherhood and Charity
7/21/20 358 *Marriage Part 1 – What is Marriage? *Radical Feminism vs. Christian Marriage *Totally Absorbed in God
7/20/20 417 *Bearing Suffering with Humility and Devotion *The Church Has Entered Her Passion *Exercising the Theological Virtue of Faith *I Think Thoughts of Peace
7/19/20 376 *Spiritual Childhood and St. Therese’s Little Way *You Should be Thinking of One’s Self Less
7/18/20 414 *Effects of Charity *Bonds of Charity *Are You Wasting Your Time? *Serve the Living God, Not Pachamama
7/17/20 356 *Today’s Young Adults are Tomorrow’s Religious *21st Century Arians, Repent and Believe! *The Cyber War for Our Soul
7/16/20 355 *Poverty, Chastity & Obedience *Death Through Eve, Life Through Mary *The Sacred Heart in the Blessed Sacrament
7/15/20 354 *Consecrated Life in a Post-Christian World *Humility is Heaven’s Stairway
7/14/20 353 *Holy Name of Jesus, Brightness of Eternal Light *Who Do You Serve More, God or Mammon? *Immaculate Humility *Abandon Ourselves to Jesus
7/13/20 352 *The Three Hail Marys Devotion *Jesus, Source of Healing
7/12/20 375 *The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life
7/11/20 407 *Stay With Us Lord as We Stay in Jerusalem *Keep Hope, I Will Not Leave You Orphans *Rekindle Eucharistic Amazement (Even During Quarantine) *Holy Heartburn for Jesus
7/10/20 349 *Object Based Morality Keeps Us From Becoming Even a Child of Sin *The Power of One Hail Mary *A Henry and a Thomas
7/9/20 347 *Our Mother of Mercy *Give Our Lord Everything, through Mary
7/8/20 346 *Mother of the Incarnate Word, Not Because of Sin, but Despite it *The Crisis in the Church is Man-Made *Are We More Sophisticated Than Those of the Past?
7/7/20 340 *A Traditionally Catholic Glance at the Anti Christ *The Jews Will Convert to Christ *Express Christian Joy
7/6/20 329 *You Cannot Serve God and Mammon *Silence Gives Consent *Render to God What is God’s *The 4 Last Things are the First Things to Consider
7/5/20 406 *The Valiant Woman *Christianity, Living Extraordinary Lives *Good Shepherd, Good Sheep *Let Ourselves Be Led by God and His Love and His Goodness
7/4/20 110 *Declaring Independence from God *Reparation *The Rosary
7/3/20 416 *Freedom of Speech and the Importance of Fatherhood *The Conviction of the Holy Spirit *Re-establishing Fatherhood to Avoid Being Reduced to Nearly Nothing
7/2/20 326 *Cleansing Fire of Purgatory is Corporeal *Sanctify the Present Moment *Live for Something Greater than Ourselves *Authentic Womanhood: Resilience and Endurance
7/1/20 324 *Take off Anger, Put on Christ *Bad Thoughts Dangers & Remedies *Best Practices of Prayer *Work Hard, But Pray and Depend on God
6/30/20 323 *What Must I Do To Be Saved? *Connectivity: Good and Bad *The Alternative to the Amazonian Synod
6/29/20 220 *Making Peace Through the Blood of His Cross *Romulus & Remus vs. Saints Peter & Paul *Invited to the Great Supper
6/28/20 405 *Let Us Be a Witness That We Do Not Fear Dying *Better to Die With the Sacraments Than to Live Without Them *Sharing Death with Adam and Life with Jesus