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Air Date Episode Description
2/24/17 165 *Filioque – On the Mystery of the Holy Trinity *The 5th Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Kill *Plugging the Hole to Hold Back the Angry Waters
2/23/17 164 *Purgatory: Pay Now or Pay Later *Easter on Display in Blessed Margaret of Castello *Sanctifying Grace: Original Justice
2/22/17 163 *Becoming Expert Wine Tasters for the King
2/21/17 162 *Good News and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross *Seven Ways to Sin By Detraction *Maintaining Purity by Virtue or by Force
2/20/17 161 *Sins of Lust: The Consequences of These Sins Against Purity *Standing at the Cross with Our Lady *Mary, Bless Art Thou Among Women
2/18/17 130 *Angels and Demons: The Publican and the Pharisee *The Holy Eucharist
2/17/17 160 *Sacred Rites of the Old Testament *Go and Sin No More
2/16/17 158 *The Religious Life *Examine Our Lives *Sacramentals
2/15/17 157 *The Problem of Self *Prepare For Death As If Death Is Imminent
2/14/17 156  *Miracles Explained – Part 2 *Impediments
2/13/17 155  *Miracles Explained – Part 1
2/11/17 129 *Penance *Temperaments
2/10/17 154 *Sloth in Recreation and Gift Giving *The Importance of the Liturgy in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass *The Sovereignty of Christ the King
2/9/17 152  *The Restoration of Marriage Comes from Above *The Holy Trinity *Children
2/8/17 151  *The Restoration of Marriage Comes from Above *The Holy Trinity *Children
2/7/17 150  *The Importance of a Timely Baptism *Apollinarianism and the Saving of Animals *Advancement Through Our Lady
2/6/17 149  *On Being a Husband and Father *On Being a Wife and Mother
2/4/17 128  *On Restitution *The Sanctuary Left Unguarded *Why Do They Attack Our Lord and Ignore the Empty Tomb
2/3/17 148 *Holy Matrimony and Virginity vs. The Occult *Re-Presenting the Perfect Prayer *St. John the Baptist: Silentium Prophetarum
2/2/17 147  *The Nature of Marriage *The Meaning and Significance of the Wedding Ceremony
2/1/17 146  *The Horror of Suffering *One Year, One Person: Living the Sacrament of Confirmation