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Show Schedule

Air Date Episode Description
5/26/18 080  *The Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity *No Holy Trinity: No Hope, No Love, No Peace *Pride
5/25/18 046  *Pray Without Ceasing *The Trinity
5/24/18 092  *Catholic Sun Eclipsed: An Occult Moment *Christ the Good Shepherd *Samson and Delilah: Types of Christ and His Church
5/23/18 091  *Lord, Give Me This Water *Unless We Believe in Scripture, We Can Neither Be Christians nor Be Saved *Sloth: Escape from God, Pursuit of the World
5/22/18 090  *The Holy Ghost and Apostolic Zeal *The Need for Holy Helpmates *The Need for Double-Vision to Handle Joys and Sorrows
5/21/18 075  *Pentecost: From the Garden of Eden, to Babel, to Sinai *On the Errors of Pentecostalism *Our Lady At Pentecost
5/19/18 075 *Pentecost: From the Garden of Eden, to Babel, to Sinai *On the Errors of Pentecostalism *Our Lady At Pentecost
5/18/18 088 *Series on Ecclesiology Parts 4, 5 & 6 *Christ Our Ransom
5/17/18 087 *Series on Ecclesiology Parts 1, 2 & 3 *Eleventh Hour Salvation – A Reason for Supernatural Hope *Fasting
5/16/18 086 *The Holy Rosary: A Prayer for Dark Times *Recidivism
5/15/18 083 *Supernatural Charity: Loving Our Neighbor As Ourself *What Saints Do in Tight Spots * The Four Temperaments and How They Relate to Your Predominant Self
5/14/18 082 *Checklist for Sanctity. It Is Doable! *Those Whom the gods Would Destroy, They First Make Mad *Mercy
5/12/18 081 *The Ninety-Nine Left Behind *A Thought That Does Not Think *Anger
5/11/18 069 *On Ecclesiology Part 1: Foundations *On Ecclesiology Part 2: The Role of the Apostles *Where Are Those Whom I Have Entrusted to You?
5/10/18 068 *Marriage Part 3: The Necessary Purpose of Marriage in Society *The Horror of Suffering *Why Did Christ Ascend Into Heaven? *The Mystery of the Ascension
5/9/18 067 *Marriage Part 2: The Canonical Form of Marriage *Islam Rising * St. Joseph
5/8/18 066 *Marriage Part 1: What Is Marriage? *The Top Seven Sins That Will Send You to Hell
5/7/18 065 *Ascending the Mountain of God Anew: Our Lady, The Highest Peak *Mary: Mother Most Amiable