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Show Schedule

Air Date Episode Description
11/25/17 011 *Christ the King and His Kingdom *Christ the Liberator: The Spoils of War and the Trojan Horse
11/24/17 195 *The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse: Present Conditions Before the Trials *The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse: Upcoming Events and the Final Judgement
11/23/17 194 *The Virtue of Piety *Prefiguring the Great Apostasy
11/22/17 192 *Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Aedificandi *The Crisis in Society is a Crisis of Fatherhood *Our Lady and the Eucharist
11/21/17 088 *Series on Ecclesiology Parts 4, 5 & 6 *Christ Our Ransom
11/20/17 087 *Series on Ecclesiology Parts 1, 2 & 3 *Eleventh Hour Salvation – A Reason for Supernatural Hope *Fasting
11/18/17 175 *Forgiveness *When I Am Lifted Up *Let Our Hearts and Minds Rise Heavenward With the Ascended Christ
11/17/17 187 *The City of God, The City of Man *Christendom and the Camel *The Virtue of Humility
11/16/17 186 *For This Purpose the Son of God Appeared *The Business of the Father Is Obedience *Saint Andrew Corsini
11/15/17 185 *How to Assist Someone to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition *Cults of Personality and the Holy Name of Jesus *Persevering with the Holy Face of Jesus
11/14/17 184 *Active Participation in the Liturgy Is Union With Christ *In the Company of the Faithful, We Become Faithful *Defending the Marian Motherhood of God
11/13/17 183 *Christendom versus Humandom *A Higher Chivalry and a True Vocation *The Priest
11/11/17 174 *The Mysteries of Christ in Scripture and Liturgy *To Judge or Not to Judge *The Kingship of Christ
11/10/17  182  *Second Plank After Baptism *True Friends Walk Together Toward Christ *Our Lady of Good Success
11/9/17  181  *Justification, Baptism, and Salvation Through the Catholic Church *Hiding Our Sins Well
11/8/17  180  *Outside of the Church There Is No Salvation *Desacralizing the House of God *Saint Josephine Bahkita
11/7/17  179  *Mercy *Christ Our Ransom *Mary and the Priesthood
11/6/17  177   *The Virtue of Mortification *A Good Day to Labor