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Air Date Episode Description
10/25/19 314 *Mount Tabor & The Mass *Becoming a Joan of Arc for Our President
10/24/19 264 *Spiritual Sloth *We Need an Exodus from Sin *Be Grateful to Your Father in Heaven
10/23/19 313 *The Liturgy and the Last Things *FaceBook – OpenBook – OpenDoor *The Holy Rosary is Scripture-Based
10/22/19 263 *Generosity *Common Courtesy *Symbolism of the Desert
10/21/19 311 *Levels of Spiritual Warfare
10/19/19 303 *Few or Many Saved *Make Friends with the Mammon of Iniquity
10/18/19 310 *Blasphemy, Heresy, and Impurity *Love of the Good Shepherd *”Depart From Me, O Lord”: Spiritual but Not Religious
10/17/19 262 *The King’s Interior Castle
10/16/19 309 *Practical Principles for Proclaiming the Kingdom *Ideals vs. Commandments *Out of His Mercy He Gives Us His Mother
10/15/19 261 *The Wonder of the Word *Sundays and Mass Attendance
10/14/19 308 *Greed *Finding True Love for Christ *The Wisdom of the Children of Light
10/12/19 302 *If You Want Peace, Prepare for War….Spiritual War *Worldwide Apostasy: Is This the End of the World *Heresy of Religious Indifferentism
10/11/19 260 *Language and the Sins Against Language *Avoiding Sin Without Fear
10/10/19 307 *Place of Honor *Attending Weddings Outside the Church *Time to Stop Testing God
10/9/19 259 *Kingdom of Christ vs. Kingdom of Lucifer
10/8/19 306 *The Necessity of the Holy Rosary *Discipleship *Heavenly vs. Worldly Joy
10/7/19 178 *The Battle of Lepanto: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary *Tears of Our Lady of Sorrows *Desert Island Rosary Rescue
10/5/19 312 *Herod, Occum, and Same-Sex “Marriage” *How Can One Be Saved? *The Amazon Synod
10/4/19 312 *Herod, Occum, and Same-Sex “Marriage” *How Can One Be Saved? *The Amazon Synod
10/3/19 258 *Retarded Souls – Part 2 *Why Separation of Church and State is Important *What it Means to Adopt a Child
10/2/19 257 *Retarded Souls – Part 1 *Divide and Conquer
10/1/19 305 *Ready When He Comes *No Merit in Worrying *Are we truly fulfilling our duty as Catholics?
9/30/19 256 *Intellectual Pride *Being a Good Samaritan