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Air Date Episode Description
5/24/19 284 *The Death Penalty – Part 2 *The War over Contraceptives and Marriage *The Example of Saint Athanasius
5/23/19 283 *The Death Penalty – Part 1 *Trusting in the Good Shepherd *The Courage of Catharine of Sienna
5/22/19 150 *The Importance of a Timely Baptism *Apollinarianism and the Saving of Animals *Advancement Through Our Lady
5/21/19 149 *On Being a Husband and Father *On Being a Wife and Mother
5/20/19 148 *Holy Matrimony and Virginity vs. The Occult *Re-Presenting the Perfect Prayer *St. John the Baptist: Silentium Prophetarum
5/18/19 276 *Day of Judgment *Making Reparation to God
5/17/19 147 *The Nature of Marriage *The Meaning and Significance of the Wedding Ceremony
5/16/19 282 *Bite Your Tongue *The Heart of Saint John Vianney *Saint Joseph the Worker
5/15/19 146 *The Horror of Suffering *One Year, One Person: Living the Sacrament of Confirmation
5/14/19 281 *Do You Love Me More Than These? *The Magisterium *The Trials of Job
5/13/19 074 *Fatima: The Miracle of the Sun *Fatima: The Vision of Hell
5/11/19 275 *What it Means to be a Mature Christian *What Sacred Tradition is *God’s Glory
5/10/19 145 *Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus *Modesty of Dress: You Are Your Brother’s Keeper *Saint Christopher: The Christ Carrier
5/9/19 144 *Connecting to the Groanings of Christ Through the Holy Mass *Occasions of Sin and Company Keeping *Christians Belong To Christ
5/8/19 280 *To Belong To Christ Jesus Our Lord *Prisoner of Love
5/7/19 143 *St. Alphonsus Marie Ligouri: True and False Zeal *Do All Things Prudently With Your Final End in Mind *Current Affairs in the Middle East: A Modern Christian Persecution
5/6/19 278 *Spiritual Protection
5/4/19 271 *Teachings on the Blessed Mother Mary
5/3/19 263 *Generosity *Common Courtesy *Symbolism of the Desert
5/2/19 261 *The Wonder of the Word *Sundays and Mass Attendance
5/1/19 252 *What’s in Your Heart? *Rosary, Prayer, and Penance *Inclination to Evil
4/30/19 250 *Stop Yoking Around *Ending the Plague with Saint Michael *The Distinction Between Good and Bad Shepherds
4/29/19 216 *Saint Thomas Aquinas on Divine Mercy and Sin *Witnessing to the Truth *God Grants Mercy to Those Who Fear Him