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Air Date Episode Description
11/22/19 326 *Cleansing Fire of Purgatory is Corporeal *Sanctify the Present Moment *Live for Something Greater than Ourselves *Authentic Womanhood: Resilience and Endurance
11/21/19 271 *Teachings on the Blessed Mother Mary
11/20/19 325 *What is a Miracle? *The Pachamama Synod: A Look Back *If No Danger, Why the Warning *Pray Fervently to God
11/19/19 270 *Bringing the Young People Back *Where Are the St. Peter Damian’s of Today *Defining Mercy
11/18/19 324 *Take off Anger, Put on Christ *Bad Thoughts Dangers & Remedies *Best Practices of Prayer *Work Hard, But Pray and Depend on God
11/16/19 325 *What is a Miracle? *The Pachamama Synod: A Look Back *If No Danger, Why the Warning *Pray Fervently to God
11/15/19 323 *What Must I Do To Be Saved? *Connectivity: Good and Bad *The Alternative to the Amazonian Synod
11/14/19 269 *Confirmation *Has Church Catechesis Failed? *Entering the Desert
11/13/19 322 *Why Consider the Dogma of Coredemptrix? *Zacchaeus: A Divine Mercy Triumph
11/12/19 267 *Gods Plan for Marriage *The Wood of the Altar Crucifix *Spiritual Maturity
11/11/19 321 *St. Alphonsus Liguori on Confession
11/9/19 309 *Practical Principles for Proclaiming the Kingdom *Ideals vs. Commandments *Out of His Mercy He Gives Us His Mother
11/8/19 320 *Homing Beacons, Good and Bad *Fatima, Russia, and Big Brother *The Narrow Gate is the Jesus & Mary Option
11/7/19 266 *Rule of Life for Prophets *Beware False Prophets and the Leaven of the Pharisees
11/6/19 319 *The Kingdom of Our Lady and the Latter Times *Peace Through Strength *The Grand Inquisitor vs His Majesty Christ the King
11/5/19 265 *The Weapon of the King: The Holy Wood of the Cross
11/4/19 318 *Question: Who are You? *Confession to the Saints *Urgent Mercy
11/2/19 308 *Greed *Finding True Love for Christ *The Wisdom of the Children of Light
11/1/19 190 *We Are All Called to Sanctity (Parts 1 & 2) *The Need for Double Vision to Handle Joys and Sorrows *Mary: Mother Most Amiable
10/31/19 189 *The Battle Between Two Kinds of Contemplatives *The Importance of a Good and Happy Death *Let Us Not Be Summertime Soldiers
10/30/19 317 *Ark of the Covenant – Revealer of Faults *The Rich Man and Lazarus *Desert Island Rosary Rescue
10/29/19 316 *Gratitude, I Cannot Tell It All *Pray Always *Miracles, Existence, Science and Catholicism *Mother Teresa: The Gospel in Five Words: You Did It to Me
10/28/19 315 *The Joys of Adoration and Confession *The Infallible Promises of the Rosary *The Works of Mercy: No Truth without Charity *The Doubtless Faith of St. Justin Martyr