This Week on The Catholic Current: Helping Military Families, End-of-Year Fundraising, Winning the Culture War and More!

Hello Friends,

I’m Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., host, and producer of The Catholic Current.

This week we’ll be joined by guests you need to hear from!

On Monday, we will humbly ask for your help to continue our mission: to bring Christ to the World and the World to Christ during the “$30K Dash.”   On Tuesday, we’ll get an inside perspective on a little addressed issue of great import: “Military Families Need Our Help.” Our guests will be Fr. Stephen Voyt, a retired Air Force chaplain, and Lt. Col. Francis Buser and his wife Chrissie. On Wednesday, renowned evangelist, Karlo Broussard will speak to us about “Meeting the Protestant Challenge.”  Thursday’s guest, Patrick Reilly, will detail how our “Catholic Schools Are in Trouble” and what we can do about it. On Friday, we will welcome a special guest, Lee Gilbert, to explain how “We Can Win the Culture War.

Our rallying cry here at The Catholic Current is “Bringing Christ to the World, and the World to Christ!” It is the mission given by Christ to the Apostles on the day of his Ascension, passed on through generations, and now left in the hands of you and me, the faithful. What shall we do with it?

Learn more about this week’s shows here:

Monday: $30K Dash” with Matthew Maloney and Rick Paolini

Tuesday: Military Families Need Our Help,” with Fr. Stephen Voyt, Francis and Chrissie Buser

Wednesday: Meeting the Protestant Challenge,” with Karlo Broussard

Thursday: Catholic Schools Are in Trouble,” with Patrick Reilly

Friday: We Can Win the Culture War,” with Lee Gilbert