40 Days for Life (Buffalo)

The Annual 40 Days for Life vigil will be held from September 23 to November 1. We will pray on the sidewalk in front of Buffalo Women Services at 2500 […]

ExultRochester Catholic Men’s Conference (Zoom)

The 2020 ExultRochester Catholic Men's Conference is being held on Saturday October 17th from 7:30am - 12:30pm. The Conference theme is "Called to Holiness" and features speakers Dr. David Anders […]

White Mass (Sacred Heart Cathedral – Rochester)

Sacred Heart Cathedral - Rochester, NY 296 Flower City Park, Rochester, NY

The Most Reverend Bishop Salvatore Matano will be celebrating the annual White Mass for Catholic health care professionals on Sunday, October 18th, 2pm at Sacred Heart Cathedral, in Rochester. The […]

Pro-Life Holy Hour (St. Stanislaus Catholic Church – Erie)

St. Stanislaus Church - Erie, PA 516 East 13th Street, Erie, PA

Everyone is invited to participate with us in celebrating our annual Pro-Life Holy Hour at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church on 13th and Wallace in Erie, PA. The event will take […]

Care-a-Thon for the Brothers of Mercy (WBBZ-TV)

Be sure to watch the first ever Brothers of Mercy Care-a-Thon. This is the first ever televised event for the Brothers of Mercy and will air on Buffalo’s very own […]