Timely Topics: Lockdowns, Lunacy, and Sanity (Megan Fox/Scott Turner)

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06-09-20 05:00 - 06:00

Timely Topics: Lockdowns, Lunacy, and Sanity (Megan Fox/Scott Turner)

Megan Fox is an award-winning journalist and author of Believe Evidence: The death of due process from Salome to #MeToo and Shut Up! The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment, about the lengths government bodies will take to silence public criticism.

Scott Turner currently serves as the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. Prior to joining the Federal government, Mr. Turner served in the Texas House of Representatives from 2013-2017, where he represented House District 33 (encompassing all of Rockwall County and portions of Collin County). Mr. Turner’s time in the Texas House was preceded by a successful business career in which he served as the Chief Inspiration officer of Systemware, as well as a Senior Advisor to the National Football League’s (NFL) Executive Vice President of Football Operations. In 1995, he was drafted into the NFL where he enjoyed a 9-year career playing for the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and Denver Broncos. A fourth-generation Texan who graduated from the University of Illinois, Mr. Turner also received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Dallas Baptist University in 2016 for his outstanding Christian Leadership. Mr. Turner and his wife Robin have a son, who is currently a freshman student-athlete at Baylor University.


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