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Sermons for Everyday Living

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Sermons 10/16/20 †Outside of the Church There Is No Salvation *Desacralizing the House of God *Saint Josephine Bahkita

Sermons 10/15/20 † Fatherhood, Patriotism and Voting *Staring into the Abyss *A Clear Conscience

Sermons 10/14/20 †Mercy *Christ Our Ransom *Mary and the Priesthood

Sermons 10/13/20 †Fatima, a Call to Penance and Sacrifice 

Sermons 10/12/20 †Our Lady of the Pillar *The Parable of the Wedding Banquet *Christopher Columbus the Holy Admiral 

Sermons 10/09/20 †The Ultimate Blasphemy *Stretching Forth of Arms and Hands to Gain the Victory *Devotion to the Martyrs *Forgive for Good *Marxism Freemasonry and the Brotherhood

Sermons 10/08/20 †Good News and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross *Seven Ways to Sin By Detraction *Maintaining Purity by Virtue or by Force

Sermons 10/07/20 †The Battle of Lepanto: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary *Tears of Our Lady of Sorrows *Desert Island Rosary Rescue