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Sermons for Everyday Living

The Dark Night of Advent *Holy Magnificent Gift *Eucharistic Miracles and Advent *Christian Mission and St John The Baptist

The New Eve *St. John of the Cross – To Suffer for the Sake of God *Trophy Cases

Bishop Fulton Sheen on The Blessed Virgin Mary: The Woman I Love *Fruits of the Holy Ghost

Sermons 12/17/20 †Forces of the Great Reset have used COVID to advance an Evil Agenda *Don’t Live the Double Standard with COVID *Guadalupe, The Eucharist, & Mercy for Dark Times […]

St John Henry Newman and Our Lady *The Marian Issue in the Church Today *Advent ‘Tis the Season to Be Marian

Our Lady of Guadalupe 1531 *Guadalupe and a Culture of Chastity *Our Lady of Guadalupe and Revelation 12 *The Tomb of St Francis and The Tilma of Guadalupe

St Nicholas and Conquering All Scandal through Holy Fear of the Lord *Is Advent just Four Weeks on The Calendar? *Why St Juan Diego?

Sermons 12/02/20 †Remember Your Christian Identity and Thank God *St. Josaphat – Taking Death Seriously as a Catholic *All People Are Made in the Likeness of God *The Fierce Warrior […]

Sermons 12/01/20 †The Practice of Catholic Shunning *Keeping the Faith in Desperate Times *The Incredible Plague Dream of Raskolnikov

Sermons 11/30/20 †Advent Enables Us to Avoid Spiritual Shell Shock *Our Relationship to Jesus *St. John of the Cross: Doctor of Detachment