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Pedro L Gonzalez joins the show to explore if there is a future for our republic. A Defunct Republic After The Republic Pedro on Twitter

We welcome a young voice in new media, Peachy Keenan to the show to discuss, California Possibly Foreshadowing America. California, There It Goes Peachy Keenan on Twitter The Claremont Institute

We welcome American political commentator and YouTuber. Bill Whillte to discuss The Integrity of America’s Elections. The Stolen Election, Part One: AMERICAN PRAVDA The Stolen Election, Pt. 2: Hiding Biden […]

Justin Trottier returns to the show to discuss how COVID is affecting men and other resources for men in need. Pandemic Disproportionately Affecting the Health of Men, New Ad Campaign […]

Dr. Darren Beattie and John Zmirak return to the show to discuss Election Fraud, Sidney Powell, Media, and other Timely Topics. Statistical Analyst Reveals Scenario of Massive Fraud in PA […]

Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, TX returns to the show to discuss the recent #USCCB meeting including the McCarrick Report and the effects of COVID19. Bishop Olson on EWTN […]

Fr. McTeigue starts with Weekend Readiness, then we pray a Holy Rosary, hear a talk from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and wrap up with the Litany of the Saints.

We bring you a breaking Special Report with Michelle Malkin and John Fredricks with an update on the election fraud, ballot harvesting, phony healings, and recounts. No Time for Phony […]

Dr. Marc Siegel discusses the connections between Covid and Politics, then Dr. Jennifer Morse takes a look at legalized Abortion over the last 100 years. The Politics of Fear and the […]

Journalist George Neumayr knows the details of former-Cardinal McCarrick better than most. He helps us dig deeper into the recent report. McCarrick’s ‘Nephews’ Still Run the Church How McCarrick Got […]