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Author: Sermons for Everyday Living

Page: 2

Sermons 11/18/20 †Surrender, God has a Game Plan, * Persecution for speaking the Truth, *Our Battle Against Demons

Sermons 11/17/20 †St. Alphonsus Liguori on Confession

Sermons 11/13/20 † Is it Closing Time? *Be Prepared Be Ready Be Alert *We’re Still Here

Sermons 11/12/20 †Homing Beacons, Good and Bad *Fatima, Russia, and Big Brother *The Narrow Gate is the Jesus & Mary Option

Sermons 11/11/20 †Pray Hope and Don’t Worry *Our Citizenship is of Heaven *We are Saved by God and Not Government or Technology * No One is Excluded 

Sermons 11/10/20 †The Kingdom of Our Lady and the Latter Times *Peace Through Strength *The Grand Inquisitor vs His Majesty Christ the King

Sermons 11/09/20 †What is Fear and Confusion *Mankind has Entered a Storm, Yet There is Nothing to Fear

Sermons 11/05/20 †*We Are All Called to Sanctity *The Need for Double Vision to Handle Joys and Sorrows *Mary: Mother Most Amiable

Sermons 11/04/20 †How to be Joyful *Hope in Difficult Times

Sermons 11/03/20 †Vote for Life *An Embarrassment to Catholicism *Vote for the Kingdom of Heaven *Vote the Faith, an Offer you Can(But Shouldn’t) Refuse *Young People Need Clarity