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Sermons 12/02/20 †Remember Your Christian Identity and Thank God *St. Josaphat – Taking Death Seriously as a Catholic *All People Are Made in the Likeness of God *The Fierce Warrior […]

Sermons 12/01/20 †The Practice of Catholic Shunning *Keeping the Faith in Desperate Times *The Incredible Plague Dream of Raskolnikov

Sermons 11/30/20 †Advent Enables Us to Avoid Spiritual Shell Shock *Our Relationship to Jesus *St. John of the Cross: Doctor of Detachment

Sermons 11/27/20 †Claude Neuman & The Miraculous Medal *Do The Simple Things *She Gives Graces through the Miraculous Medal *Preparation for the Final Judgement *The Story of the Miraculous Medal

Sermons 11/26/20 † The Real First Thanksgiving *St Cecilia, The Martyrs Song of Thanksgiving *Gratitude for the Things We Take for Granted *St Elizabeth – Hungry for God *Giving Thanks […]

Sermons 11/25/20 †Jesus Christ: Son of God and Son of Mary

Sermons 11/24/20 †Christ the King – A Just Judge and Glorious Redeemer *Be Faithful to Christ the King *Enthrone Christ the King Rather Than the Devil *Our King is the […]

Sermons 11/23/20† Take off Anger, Put on Christ *Bad Thoughts Dangers & Remedies *Best Practices of Prayer *Work Hard, But Pray and Depend on God

Sermons 11/20/20 †What a Mess! Do not Lose Hope & Accept the Cross *The Importance of Defending National Sovereignty

Sermons 11/19/20 †Why Consider the Dogma of Coredemptrix? *Zacchaeus: A Divine Mercy Triumph