A Special Week: The Best of The Catholic Current!

Friends, I am Fr. Robert McTeigue of the Society of Jesus, your grateful host of The Catholic Current. As we spend this week consoled and strengthened in the light and love of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart, Which we have just celebrated, it’s an opportune time to listen again to some of the best and most-helpful episodes of the past year’s Catholic Current. Listeners have asked for this opportunity, and we’re happy to provide a week’s worth of these special shows.

On Monday, we’ll return to Dr. Peter Kreeft’s “Refuting Moral Relativism.” We’ll revisit “Politics and the Papacy” with George Neumayr, on Tuesday. Attorney Elizabeth Yore’s popular appearance to discuss “Evaluating Rome’s Meeting on Child Protection” will air on Wednesday. On Thursday we’ll reexamine “Has the Church Lost the Culture War” with Professor Joseph Pearce. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s helpful “Don’t Leave the Church – Lead It” appearance will play on Friday.

These excellent episodes of The Catholic Current are as timely, important and helpful as ever. As we begin the summer, our Church and world are facing many challenges. As friends and followers of Christ Jesus, we are given all that we need to face these challenges head-on. Listen to The Catholic Current this week as we do just that.

Here’s what we have to look forward to this week:

Monday: Refuting Moral Relativism with Dr. Peter Kreeft

Tuesday: Politics and the Papacy with George Neumayr

Wednesday: Evaluating Rome’s Meeting on Child Protection with Elizabeth Yore

Thursday: Has the Church Lost the Culture War? with Professor Joseph Pearce

Friday: Don’t Leave the Church – Lead It! With Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse