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5 Things You Might Not Know About St. Joseph

Written by on September 23, 2021

1.) St. Joseph is a Just Man.

St. Joseph is first mentioned in Matthew 1:19 where he is described as a “just man” because of the way that he handled Mary’s miraculous pregnancy. St. John Chrysostom comments on his virtue stating: “Joseph determined to conduct himself now by a higher rule than the law.”


2.) Actually, St. Joseph Has Many More Titles.

St. Joseph is named in the Litany of St. Joseph as the Zealous Defender of Christ, Model of Workmen, Protector of the Holy Church, and the Terror of Demons. He is also called the Foster-Father of the Redeemer and Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

In Fr. Donald Calloway’s book, Consecration to St. Joseph, he states that the Catholic Church today is in need of the intercession and patronage of St. Joseph. Marriage and Family are under attack in both secular and religious contexts. Our Lady of Fatima revealed to sister Lucia that “The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about marriage and the family.” 

As Head of the Holy Family, Terror of Demons, and Pillar of Families, the spiritual fatherhood of St. Joseph can help us, as the living Church, to understand and overcome Satan’s deceptions. 


3.) Devotion to St. Joseph Took A Long Time to Develop.

It was not until the 15th century that veneration of St. Joseph began in the West and his feast day was introduced into the Roman calendar in 1479. Devotion to the earthly Foster-Father of Christ was popularized by Saints Teresa of Avila and Francis DeSales. 


4.) St. Joseph is Patron of the Universal Church

In 1870, Pope Pius IX named him “Patron of the Universal Church.” In his papal encyclical Quanquam pluries in 1889, Pope Leo XIII granted him saintly status equivalent to that of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Under the patronage of St. Joseph, the Universal Church is in need of re-evangelization. St. Joseph was the first to bring Jesus to the world and so desires to bring him to the world again today. St. John Paul II wrote concerning this need: 

“This patronage [of St. Joseph] must be invoked as ever necessary for the Church, not only as a defense against all dangers, but also, and indeed primarily, as an impetus for her renewed commitment to evangelization in the world and to re-evangelization in those those lands and nations where religion and the Christian life were formally flourishing and are now put to a hard test.”


5.) St. Joseph Has Two Feast Days.

An example of an Italian St. Joseph's Day Table

An example of an Italian St. Joseph’s Day Table.

St. Joseph’s feast days are May 1 and March 19. He is venerated with special festivals in Italy, with traditions including eating fava beans, zappola, lemons, and seafood to commemorate certain aspects of St. Joseph’s life.


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